Rebecca Mushtare

Consumption Quilts

Everything we buy today comes in "disposable" packaging.... and we are a buying society. As a nod to the feedsack quilts during the depression era, these quilts are composed entirely out of used packaging. Unfortunately, unlike the cloth sacks of yesteryear, the quilted products in this project are not functional and, therefore, point to our wasteful habits. Composed entirely out of used shopping bags, each quilt documents the owner's consumption habits. Framed and backlit with natural light, these quilts light up like sacred stained glass windows and call attention to how embedded consumption is into our culture and belief systems.

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Rebecca is a maker trained in graphic design (BFA, SUNY Oswego) and computer art (MFA, Syracuse University). During her days in graduate school she discovered the discipline (and her maternal history of) fiber arts and often implements these techniques in her work. Rebecca believes that creative projects open doorways leading to dialog and action surrounding a wide variety of contemporary local and global concerns/practices.

Recently Rebecca collaborated on a multi-media performance piece, Spatial Dialogue (premiered December 2009 at Marymount Manhattan College). Recent small group shows include “Pieced Together” at the Hewitt Art Gallery at MMC and “The Aldrich Art Daze Program Exhibit” in the North Corridor Gallery at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum.