Chris McCampbell

10.5 inches high x 1.5 & 3 inch deep letters
Recycled cardboard, packing tape & string

We are surrounded by waste and wasted space. To take control is to embrace and interact with the forgotten spaces and ignored materials quietly filling our lives. The phrase “EMBRACE WASTE” charges the viewer to consider their own waste. This installation wraps the awkward corner of the room. Large cardboard letters are wrapped with packing tape and string—a repurposed package delivering an inspiring message in an understated corner.
These 12 letters will be mounted directly to the wall, about 60 inches above the floor. Removable tape and Velcro strips will be adhered to the back of each letter to attach to the wall surface. Both words, “embrace” and “waste”, will run into the corner of the room, set against adjacent walls. The installation will occupy 48 inches in either direction from the corner.

click images for larger view.