John Kramer

Title: Unfaithful
Materials: Self-stick repositionable notes and discarded blind book dummies
Size: overall: 10˝(h) x 11.5˝(w) x 10.5˝(d) | 14 individual books; sizes variable

These 3,000+ sticky notes were first repurposed in a Boston group show in 1998, arranged on a wall in the form of the Fidelity Investments logo. I had collected the notes while working as an electronic prepress coordinator at the mutual fund giant — “Fidelity” — from 1995 to 1998. Their content concerns the writing, editing, design, and production of financial materials.
For this exhibit I have repurposed the stickies a second time, inserting them into blank books. These “blind dummies” are created by printers to provide publishers with blank but tangible previews of upcoming titles, and are eventually discarded. The ones I have used here were prepared by various printers, and intended primarily for cookbooks.
They are meant to be handled.

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John Kramer is an artist and graphic designer. Both practices overlap with his interest in the performing arts, for which he has done projected visuals, sets, props, and costumes. He currently runs his own graphic design business and is on the faculty of The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University's Master of Fine Arts program.